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I’m super passionate about helping people feel better in life, through good food and lifestyle choices. As a holistic women's health coach and wellness coach trained by the College of Naturopathic Medicine my mission is to help you invigorate your health, take control and make you feel better than you ever have before. 


I am dedicated to helping individuals understand why eating the right food, exercising, staying on top of your mental health and emotional health, and minimising exposure to environmental toxins and stressors is so important for creating and maintaining a healthy life and why that healthy life should be so important to you. 

Are you finding it difficult to prioritise your health with your busy lifestyle?

 ​Do you feel sluggish, low in energy and tired all the time? 

I help women, just like you, to regain control of their health so they can show up as the version of themselves they want to be 


Maybe you need help with.........

Healthy Seeds

Weight loss through sustainable eating habits. 

Health coaching for weight loss is a complete lifestyle change programme that focuses on addressing all the factors that hinder your progress such as diet, activity levels, sleep, stress, thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Women's Health

Women's health coaching can help you with symptoms that may be getting in the way of you reaching your full potential and showing up as your best self. PMS, painful, heavy periods, bloating, cramping, digestive issues, these are all common symptoms that indicate our body is out of balance.

Reproductive Health

Whether you are planning a pregnancy soon, been trying for a while or about to undergo IVF, health coaching for fertility focuses on imporving the quality of your eggs through nutrition and lifestyle. 

“Working with Becky has really opened my eyes to the importance of good nutrition and gut health. Not only in regards to physical health and vitality, but also for our mental health. As a Psychotherapist this knowledge feels like a missing piece of the puzzle. The way Becky holds the space and delivers this knowledge helped me feel more motivated and aware of what I need to do ” 

Dr Emma Quick - Psychotherapist

"After discussing many areas of my life, including some which I hadn't considered might be affecting the way I feel, Becky helped explain why and how I could take control and make positive changes to help my health and well-being. The difference in the way I felt and my energy levels were undoubtedly significantly imporved. This has had a huge impact, not only on my life, but my family life raising two small children. I cannot thank her enough!"

Hannah, Teacher, mum of two 

Dry Reeds
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