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It's not about life span but health span'

Hi, I'm Becky

I’m super passionate about helping people feel better in life, through good food and lifestyle choices. As a holistic health coach and wellness coach trained by the College of Naturopathic Medicine my mission is to help you invigorate your health, take control and make you feel better than you ever have before. 


I am dedicated to helping individuals understand why eating the right food, exercising, staying on top of your mental health and emotional health, and minimising exposure to environmental toxins and stressors is so important for creating and maintaining a healthy life and why that healthy life should be so important to you. 

Green Peas

Work with me.........

Maybe you are finding difficulty with some of these things:


  • Prioritising your health

  • Weight loss, constantly dieting and feeling like you are restricting yourself

  • Feeling sluggish, low energy, tired all the time

  • Hormonal imbalances like heavy, painful periods, peri-menopause, menopause, PCOS, 

  • Not feeling good in mind and body

  • Busy lifestyle and don’t know where to start with your health journey


Or maybe you want to know more about……


  • How to age healthily

  • The effects of food and your environment on your body

  • How to be even better with your health and wellbeing

  • The relationship between food choices and mental health

  • Fertility advice 

  • Stress management, anxiety managment and how to support the body nutritionally in these times 

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